The need and appreciation for private travel is increasing every single day. Most notably following the Covid 19 pandemic, more people are realizing the benefits of avoiding crowds and taking control of their own travel needs. While this is true, it also remains that there is no one size fits all solution. Some individuals may require less travel than others for their business and personal desires. Our job is to help you to discover what is the right solution for you.

We will be the first ones to say that aircraft ownership doesn't make sense for everyone; however, those that it does only say that they wish they had done it sooner. Whether you are someone looking to purchase as an owner/operator, a company looking to improve connectivity and reduce time away from home, or someone who appreciates the luxury of setting their own schedule and having control of their environment, we are here to help. We take great pride in advising our customers the very best we can to ensure that their needs are met as effectively as possible. 



Do you have the desire to be the one behind the controls? Single-pilot aircraft afford owners a unique opportunity to satisfy both their passion for flying and their travel needs in one.

Short hops

Do you find your travel itinerary taking you in and out of smaller towns and tighter runways on a regular basis? We can help you to find the perfect tool suited for the job by analyzing your destinations and calculating the best airframe to meet your performance demands. 

Coast to Coast

Looking for something with a little longer reach so you can get to your destinations quicker and with fewer fuel stops? We will find you something that flies higher, faster, and farther so that you can arrive earlier and better rested.

global reach

Want nothing to hold you back? We are well-versed in the intercontinental aircraft market and can help find the perfect aircraft to meet your needs. Business or pleasure, no destination is off limits.

Gray Structure

Cost Of Ownership


Aircraft ownership really begins after you sign the paperwork and finalize the transaction. Now it becomes a team effort to keep your aircraft operating efficiently to be ready whenever you need it. Our job is to help you to navigate and anticipate those costs from the start. We want to ensure that you avoid any unwanted surprises, because the fun of owning an aircraft is using it.