2012 Challenger 605

SN: 5904

Asking: $10,750,000

The Challenger 605 is capable of traveling over 4000 nautical miles all while keeping passengers in total comfort with its spacious 7 foot wide cabin layout. With its payload of 5,015 pounds, you certainly will not have to leave anything behind either. 

*Co-Listed with Dominvs Aviation*

2006 Challenger 300

SN: 20106

Asking: $6,950,0000

Designed with low operating costs in mind, the Challenger 300 is a tremendous option for those seeking a great balance in performance and affordability. It can carry eight passengers coast-to-coast nonstop and it boasts a top cruise speed of .82 mach. 

*Co-Listed with Dominvs Aviation*

Ext 1.jpg

2012 King Air 250

SN: BY-159

Asking: $3,195,000

The Beechcraft King Air has been the best selling line of turboprop aircraft ever for good reason. With a cabin seating for up to 10, the ability operate out of very short strips (only requiring 2100') and the redundant reliability of its Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines,  this aircraft is ready to tackle anything you can throw at it.

2010 Piaggio Avanti II

SN: 1207

Asking: $2,195,000

The unique design of the Piaggio Avanti features an aft mounted pusher engine design which keeps much of the noise outside of the cabin and propel the aircraft at to a top cruising speed of 400 knots. At 69 inches tall and 79 inches wide, the airframe is remarkably spacious for its passengers. Ferrari inspired design cues ensure that no one will miss one sitting on the ramp either. 

PICT01 (1).jpg
Learjet 1.jpg

1995 Learjet 31A

SN: 83

Asking: $525,000

Learjets are synonymous with speed, and this Learjet 31A is no exception. It can reach a cruise speed of .81 Mach after climbing a cruise level of 47000' in just 28 minutes. With great performance even at high altitudes and low temperatures, this aircraft is truly versatile. If you are searching for a blend of speed, economy and performance, this is the aircraft for you.


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