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Jack Wetzel

IADA Certified Aircraft Broker

Founder of Wetzel Aviation has over 40 years of experience selling airplanes and more than 9,000 hours flying jets and turboprops. His father, a World War II flight instructor and flying pastor, cultivated and shaped Jack’s love of flying at a young age. Jack grew up in Lock Haven Pennsylvania, home of Piper Aircraft where he began his career in aviation as a factory experimental test pilot. As his career progressed into sales, he was part of the team that developed the Cheyenne series of turboprops for Piper. Jack left Piper to hone his sales experience with Combs Gates and Turbo West Inc. in Denver Colorado. While at Turbo West, he became successful in turboprop sales within the United States and abroad. Jack went on to co-found Kladstrup-Wetzel Inc. and as the company grew, his business focus grew to include jet sales with a strong focus on the global market. The Kladstrup-Wetzel partnership was dissolved in 2003 and Jack founded Wetzel Aviation Inc. which continues having success in the world market.

When not selling airplanes, Jack enjoys classic automobiles and cycling throughout the Rocky Mountains. He lives with his wife Carol in Centennial, Colorado and they have two adult daughters.

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