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SN: 1173

  • One Owner Since New

  • 50h. Since "B" Inspection

  • Engines Under Factory Warranty

  • Gear Overhaul C/W Jan. 2021, DUE 2023

  • ESP Gold


ASKING: $2.895.000

  • Collins Proline 21

  • 4202 Total Hours Since New

  • 2962 Aircraft Landings


Introduced by Piaggio Aero Industries, the 2008 Piaggio Avanti II stands as a beacon of groundbreaking aviation design. Crafted by Italian manufacturer Rinaldo Piaggio, this aircraft is a true marvel of engineering, challenging conventional norms with its radical configuration.


At its core, the Avanti II boasts an unconventional pusher-prop design. Engines are ingeniously reversed on the wing, with the main wing located aft of the passenger cabin. A small forward wing is mounted at the extreme end of the nose cone, adding to the aircraft's distinctive appearance. Performance figures for the P180 Avanti II rival those of many entry-level corporate jets. Its cabin is renowned for being among the quietest of all corporate aircraft, ensuring a serene and comfortable flying experience. Beyond its unique aesthetics, the Avanti II showcases exceptional engineering. With a forward-swept wing configuration, the aircraft achieves enhanced efficiency and remarkable stability. This, combined with its sleek lines and streamlined fuselage, contributes not only to its striking looks but also to its superior performance. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop engines, the Avanti II achieves an impressive maximum cruise speed of approximately 400 knots and a range of around 1,720 nautical miles. This translates to outstanding capabilities for both short-haul and medium-haul flights. Inside, the Avanti II's cabin is a haven of comfort and luxury. Designed to accommodate up to nine occupants, it prioritizes convenience and style. Ergonomic seating, ample legroom, and expansive windows create an inviting ambiance filled with natural light. Thanks to advanced noise reduction technology, passengers can relish in a quiet and smooth flight experience. Safety is paramount in the Avanti II. Advanced avionics systems, including a fully integrated glass cockpit, heighten situational awareness and reduce pilot workload. The aircraft is also equipped with features such as a digital autopilot, terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS), and weather radar, ensuring a secure and reliable flight experience. For private owners and corporate operators alike, the 2008 Piaggio Avanti II remains a coveted choice. Whether for business or leisure, this iconic turboprop offers an unforgettable flying experience, blending distinctive design, exceptional performance, and an unwavering commitment to safety and comfort.

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